How Fire Remediation Services Works?

Fire and smoke damage restoration restores property to a pre-loss state. Due to its devastation, fire cleanup and repair can take weeks or months. Water damage restoration can be done in days by minimising water and drying up the property. Fire remediation services Florida may include property board up, demolition, reconstruction, debris, odour, soot removal, contents cleaning, and lead and asbestos removal. Additionally, fire and water damage typically occur together. Although fire damage restoration can be significant, water damage can render a structure unsalvageable. After securing the premises, water removal must be done to prevent further damage. Let’s explore how fire remediation services works.

  • Steps to Restore Fire Damage

Your fire restore provider must get permission from a licenced authority before entering the property to inspect the damage. A contractor could be injured if they enter a risky scenario. After being allowed in, here’s how the fire damage restoration procedure usually goes:

  • Assessment of Damage

After ensuring the property is safe to enter, a fire cleanup services must analyse the fire and water damage. The contractor usually assesses how far the flames and smoke have infiltrated the structure and how much cleanup is needed. This process also involves evaluating the property’s contents to determine what should be discarded and what can be packed out and restored. A fire damage restoration services thorough inspection will help the restoration business determine the extent, duration, and cost of the work.

  • Debris Removal & Property Security

After the assessment, secure the property. Protecting what’s left of it from the weather includes constructing fencing, removing debris, boarding up entrances, and tarping or sealing off parts of the roof. If certain portions of the property were not affected by the fire, repair workers must seal them off to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Demolition, Water Removal & Dry Out

This procedure removes water and dries the property to prevent mould or corrosion damage. The structure will be cleared of personal property. As needed, damaged plasterboard, flooring and other items will be removed from the studs.

  • Cleanup and Smoke Removal

Cleanup is the most challenging component of fire damage rehabilitation. This stage requires manual labour to remove smoke and soot from inside and outdoor surfaces. You can contact a fire damage clean up company to remove all smoke. Often, every inch of the afflicted region must be cleaned. Deodorising agents are employed after cleaning to complete smoke odour removal. Sanitising or applying antimicrobial agents after water damage restoration may prevent mould growth. Off-site, packed-out contents are presumably being returned. 

  • Construction/Restoration

During a fire restoration company’s initial inspection, elements of the structure may need to be more adequate and must be dismantled and replaced. Rebuilding the roof, wiring, plasterboard, flooring, interior countertops, fixtures, etc., may be needed to restore the property to its pre-loss state.


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