5 Simple Steps to Prevent Water Damage to Your Florida Home

Water damage in your Florida home can be distressing and upsetting. To minimize damage and return your property to its pre-loss condition, act quickly and effectively after strong storms, flooding, plumbing troubles, or other causes. This detailed guide covers the procedures to deal with water damage. We do initial evaluation, cleaning, and restoration. Let’s begin!

How to React to Water Damage in Your Florida Home

    • Ensure the safety of everyone

     Protecting yourself and your family is the top priority in any emergency. Check for hazards such as electrical lines immersed in water or structural damage. Immediately escape and seek expert help if you sense danger.

    • Stop the flow of water

    By preventing water from entering your property, you can reduce the extent of the damage it causes. For example, in the event that a pipe bursts, turn off the water supply by finding and turning off the main valve. If you do this, you can reduce the damage and prevent more water from entering.

    • Snap photos of the debris

    Documenting the water damage is essential for insurance considerations before starting the cleaning process. Document the damage to the impacted locations, including walls, furniture, flooring, and personal possessions, by taking clear images or videos using your smartphone or camera. To successfully file an insurance claim, you will need the aforementioned paperwork.

    • Get in touch with your insurance provider

    Get in touch with your insurance company right away to report the water damage. Ensure to provide them with all the crucial information, including the extent of the damage and the location of the incident. Pay close attention to any correspondence with your insurance provider and follow their directions when filing a claim.

    • Drain any stagnant water

    To remove as much water as possible, you have a few options: hire a professional water extraction service, use a wet/dry vacuum, fill buckets with water, or use towels. To prevent any possible health hazards, remember to use protective clothing, such as boots and gloves. Keep away from the floodwaters if you can, and call the experts if you detect sewage odors. You should stay away from sewage overflow since it contains disease-causing germs and other organisms.

    Get the help of a professional today!

    In order to avoid health hazards, structural damage, and mold development, it is important to act swiftly after discovering water damage in your home or company. We provide water damage restoration services in Orlando Tampa, and the surrounding areas of Florida, including water and mold restoration. We are prepared to deal with any level of water damage, from little leaks to large floods, because we are a certified and insured business that has been in the industry for many years. ¬†Florida water and mold restoration offer services including water extraction, drying, dehumidification, cleaning, sanitizing, and repair, and we will quickly evaluate the damage to your property claims. Don’t risk losing your home and your serenity because of water damage. Please get in touch with us immediately.